Recycling is important for three reasons: it is the right thing, it is important to your residents, and it can save you money.

The Right Thing
No matter where you fall on the political spectrum, everyone acknowledges that being good stewards of our resources is right thing. By using our two bin system, we find that a community can increase its diversion rate 10-20%.

Important to Residents
Recycling is becoming more important for your residents and it something they are beginning to ask for. It is especially important to Millennials, some of whom won't even live in an apartment with out easy recycling.

Save you Money
It cost you less money to have your recycling hauled than it does to have your waste hauled. So the more waste that becomes recycling, the more money you save. We are the only valet service offering recycling bins. The only way we could make it easier is to go through your residents' apartments and recycle for them...we don't want to do that.