How do I recycle and what can I recycle?

Our goal is to make recycling easy for you and your community. There are two ways you can get your recyclables to the compactor: a clear, blue or green transparent drawstring bags or by requesting a FREE recycling bin by filling out this form.

Clear, Blue or Green Transparent Drawstring Bags
- Place recyclables in a clear, blue or green bag
- Put the bag in your regular trashcan
- Place the trashcan on your doorstep on a pickup day by 8:00 PM
- Have the trashcan back inside by 9:00 AM the next morning

Requested Recycling Bin
- Request recycling bin through our website
- Place recyclables in any clear, blue or green bag drawstring bag and put in the recycling bin
- Place the recycling bin on your doorstep by 8:00 PM
- Have the bin back inside by 9:00 AM the next morning

You can recycle:

  • Paper
    - All paper products
    - Cardboard is acceptable as long as it has been broken down or is small enough to fit in the provided trashcan
    - No soiled tissue, toilet paper, or paper towels
    - No paper that has been soiled by food (pizza boxes, for example)
  • Plastic
    - All plastic containers with recycling symbols labeled #1-7 (please rinse first)
    - Please no plastic bags, hoses, wires, pipes, furniture
    - Please no Styrofoam
  • Metals
    - Aluminum cans
    - Steel or tin cans
    - Aerosol cans
    - Please no metal hangers or wires
  • Glass
    - All bottels and jars (please remove the lid and rinse)